How to Get the Classic

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I know that you’ve heard it a thousand times, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” How you and the things associated with you (like your car) look is a significant factor in creating your image.

Building a Business Wardrobe

The style of your clothes should compliment your lifestyle and the market you serve. For example, dress conservatively if you work with clients in conservative businesses such as banking. In the advertising industry, less conservative dress is the norm. Additionally, many hi-tech firms have adopted “business casual” dress codes.

The color of your clothing has the ability to indicate authority, power and personality. Color can work to enhance or detract from your natural coloring.

Select fabrics that provide value and comfort while being attractive. You might also choose fabrics with transitional qualities so that items purchased can be worn many times during the year. Natural fibers such as wool and silk or blends that look like natural fibers are best-they look good and resist snags and soil better than other fabrics.

Buy and wear clothes that fit or invest in alterations. Clothing that doesn’t fit is unattractive, no matter how high the purchase price. And, remember, clothing that is too tight adds pounds.

One-inch to three-inch heels on shoes are the best choice for women in business. All-leather shoes are more comfortable, longer lasting and better looking. Black, navy, brown, taupe and cream pumps will meet almost every shoe requirement.

Hosiery should always be worn to complete a look and should never be snagged or have runners. (Keep extra pairs in your glove box and in your desk at the office.) Neutral or skin tones are the most universal colors for hosiery, but sheer navy, black or cream can work well. Trouser socks may be worn instead of hose with slacks and trousers. Regardless, hosiery should complement the outfit.

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