How to Pick Retail Stocks, According to an Expert

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Editor’s Note: Historically, when it comes to stock investing, women have been left out of the conversation. Earlier this year, I was covering Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty’s venture capital fundraise (to the tune of $125 million) and expansion into brick and mortar. The story involved a deep dive into the intimate apparel industry, including Rihanna’s competitors, like Victoria’s Secret and Aerie. While researching for analysts to interview, I couldn’t believe how much mainstream news still turned to men for insights on women’s retail. 

It’s infuriating. Because when it comes to fashion and beauty brands, (including lingerie!) it is our own income—our very own hard-earned dollars—that fuel these industries. We account for 85 percent of all consumer purchasing decisions and $7 trillion in consumer and business spending. According to data from SmartAsset and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women ages 25-35 spent about 42 percent more than millennial men on apparel and personal care. 

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