Touring Gerald Mugliston Estate: A Freehold Landed Estate

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Gerald Mugliston Estate sign 3

Gerald Mugliston Estate is a popular area, as it’s had the most requests I’ve received to tour it so far! And, after visiting the estate, I can see why: it is a nice, spacious and quiet landed enclave in between 2 malls (Seletar Mall & Greenwich V)! Bordered by Sungei Punggol, Yio Chu Kang Road, and the Fernvale HDB blocks, the area consists of several streets including:

  • Gerald Drive
  • Gerald Crescent
  • Gerald Park
  • Eaton Walk
  • Jalan Kehubong
  • Bukit Mugliston
  • Mugliston Park

It not only includes landed houses but also has a condominium, Seletar Springs, and a cluster house, Summer Villas.

Gerald Mugliston Estate trail

Residents of the area have easy access to the coast-to-coast trail along Sungei Punggol, which is close enough for easy access, but not so close that it’s disruptive. Some houses along Mugliston Park have backyards that look out directly onto Sungei Punggol – i.e. they are single-loading, with no houses behind them to affect the ventilation.

Some streets were indeed very windy when I visited. The estate is situated on rolling land, so some properties are located on higher ground and thus windier.) Although there is a park connector along the river, it is located on the other bank (i.e. not directly underneath the Mugliston Park houses, so not quite as noisy as some other estates which have Park Connectors nearby.) Personally, I’d be very happy to live at Mugliston Park!

Gerald Mugliston Estate canal
Mugliston Park houses on the left, and the park connector is on the right. Sungei Punggol actually looks like a river and not a big longkang!
Gerald Mugliston Estate map
If you’re wondering where Punggol Park Connector leads, here is the map.
Gerald Mugliston Estate trail 1
And here’s a photo of the Park Connector path. I visited on 2 weekends and it was well-utilised but not so crowded that you’d want to avoid using it.
Gerald Mugliston Estate canal 1
I took this photo from the park connector. As you can see, Sungei Punggol is nice and wide, so despite facing a public area, the houses’ privacy is not impinged on. Also, note how some houses have steps leading down to the riverbank! 
Gerald Mugliston Estate bridge
The road leading back to the estate as I’m sure that’s what you’re more concerned about. 

However, note that the left side of the photo (beyond the Park Connector) leads to Singapore’s last mainland kampong (Lorong Buangkok). According to a 2017 article in Today, the kampong is a 1.22-hectare piece of land that has been divided into 4 land parcels. One will be redeveloped into a Primary School, another a Secondary School, the 3rd a Park, and the last and largest piece a major road/highway to Seletar. In 2017, this redevelopment was said to likely be “several decades later” when the “long-term development of Seletar” happens. 

It’ll be a shame to lose one of the last few pieces of “old Singapore!” (If you’re curious about the kampong, you can find out more about it here.)

Gerald Mugliston Estate gerald dr
Walking back from the Park Connector leads you to Gerald Drive.
Gerald Mugliston Estate bt mugliston
Bukit Mugliston is a road off Gerald Drive, which functions like a “main road” in the estate. And, as shown above, is somewhat elevated.
Gerald Mugliston Estate landed homes
I’m standing on Gerald Drive taking a photo of one of the houses located on it. The houses are quite large, as you can see. Most readers would probably be happy to know that there are smaller – i.e. more affordable ones along Mugliston Park! 

Although the road here has a single white line (so no parking), the side roads mostly have dotted white lines and I had NO problems finding a space to park on both my visits. If you’ve been following this series of landed tours, you’ll know that that’s very uncommon (hence the article title!)

Gerald Mugliston Estate road
Take a look at how wide and empty this road is! 
Gerald Mugliston Estate cul de sac
The cul-de-sacs are so spacious you could probably use it as a roundabout (if there weren’t cars parked there, that is.)
Gerald Mugliston Estate roads
Even the smaller terrace houses have big enough front yards to comfortably park in (some terrace houses have such tiny gates, my car sensor beeps incessantly as I drive in.) Moreover, the pavement in front is so wide that you could park a 2nd car in front of your gate without getting in the way of travelling cars!
Gerald Mugliston Estate pavilion
Anyway, back to Gerald Drive – there you can find the estate’s single playground (Mugliston Park playground).
Gerald Mugliston Estate fitness station
Something for everyone – there is an outdoor gym for older folks too as well as a shaded pavilion for the adults to watch the kids.
Gerald Mugliston Estate park
You can see how generous the estate planner was with the land around the playground. It’s not so close to the houses that you get screaming children right under your noses! It’s a really quiet estate. I visited on 2 weekends and there was no one using it either time! 
Gerald Mugliston Estate construction
As mentioned, the houses on this end are smaller, as there are some terrace houses. In comparison, Gerald Crescent and Gerald Drive feature more spacious homes. Some detached houses there are over 30,000 sq ft. One of which was the centre of a famous local fraud case! (I’ll show some photos of the more prominent ones later.) Anyway, something else I’d like to point out here is the construction work. There were a couple of houses undergoing A+A at the estate, so you can see that people are starting to “discover” this quiet area!
Gerald Mugliston Estate bricks
Note how, even at the smaller terrace house end, street parking is not an issue. (Usually the smaller the house, the smaller the car porch, and the more congested the road outside.)
gerald landed 1
Note: I say the houses at Mugliston Park are small – which they are in comparison to the giants along Gerald Crescent. But they’re really not that small, as you can see from above.
Gerald Mugliston Estate construction 2
Also, they’ll be huge once you rebuild them!
Gerald Mugliston Estate for sale
Here’s one for sale, if you were looking.
Gerald Mugliston Estate hill
There’s also an empty piece of land in the middle of the estate. No signs so I can’t tell if it’s for sale, and there’s no indication of its use on the URA Map.
Gerald Mugliston Estate gate

Another example of clever design, where the upper floors of connecting houses are built apart from each other, so that they can incorporate more windows and get more sunlight into terrace houses, or semi-Ds. (We saw something similar at Springside last week.)

Gerald Mugliston Estate main oad
Back on Gerald Drive, that’s Summer Villas to my left and Seletar Springs on my right. 

I quite like Seletar Springs, as they have duplex penthouses with lofty ceilings, but some will balk at the fact that it’s a 99-year leasehold condo celebrating its 21st birthday. Residents appear quite happy though, with an average 4.1 rating (of 77 reviews.) This isn’t the case at some of the other strata developments around here (according to Google.)

Do note that Seletar Springs is zoned 1.4, so it can only be built up to 5 stories high (good news for the residents of the landed houses as you don’t have to worry about a skyscraper blocking all your light and air, but maybe not so welcome news for owners of the condo! (There is en-bloc profitability and possibility – if you can build taller, the developers can build more new units.)

Gerald Mugliston Estate summer villas
Across from Seletar Springs is the cluster development, Summer Villas. I like how the ground floor is elevated from the main road!
Gerald Mugliston Estate bikes

There are several shelters for bikes (and humans, I guess?) dotted along Gerald Drive. Although it is a “main road” in the estate, I don’t see any bus stops or buses driving in, unlike Opera Estate. (Everyone will have a different opinion, but I much prefer it this way, as it’s less noisy and hectic!)

Gerald Mugliston Estate big homes
Many houses along Gerald Drive have similar designs to Summer Villas, in that the houses are built above the main road. 

This reminds me of what I saw at Victoria Park Villas and is part of an intelligent design I think. (Having the garden on the higher ground makes it windier, so you can better enjoy your outdoor space AND you don’t feel like you’re basking in car fumes when you relax on your patio!  (Families with elderly members will have to check how practical such an arrangement is for them, as the stairs become more of an issue as we age.) 

Unfortunately, with such massive plots of land (those look like semi-Ds), the houses here aren’t exactly “entry-level” properties. A quick search on PropertyGuru showed that there is only one 3,492 sq ft semi-D for sale (at the time of writing) at $4.95 million (Note the ad states that that is the land size and not the build-up, so it’s a very good-sized semi-D.) If that is beyond your budget, there is one unit for sale at Gerald Residences for $4.3 million.

Gerald Mugliston Estate green
The HDB blocks are pretty close to the housing estate. They’re on the right of the photo and the yellow buildings are the houses of Gerald Mugliston Estate. It’s close enough that you can easily access the facilities at the HDB estate, but not so close that it feels crowded. 
Gerald Mugliston Estate condos
I turned around and took a photo in the other direction. As you can see the HDB estate here is a large one! Right behind it is Pei Hwa Secondary School. 
gerald estate master plan
Here’s what it looks like on the URA Map. Gerald Mugliston Estate is the triangular plot in the centre. 
Gerald Mugliston Estate path
Look at how well-spaced the area is. The only comparable places I can think of are Teachers Estate and Yunnan Gardens
Gerald Mugliston Estate slope
Showing yet another photo as the houses here are terrace houses, which usually take the brunt of the parking problems. (Not the case here!)
Gerald Mugliston Estate road 2
This was the only (small) stretch where it got a bit crowded. 
Gerald Mugliston Estate bungalow

As mentioned, there are enormous houses along Gerald Crescent – bigger than some GCBs I’ve seen!

Gerald Mugliston Estate huge
Here’s another one! 
gerald landed
And another!
Gerald Mugliston Estate terrace
Rather bizarrely, the ginormous detached houses face semi-Ds. But these are no ordinary semi-Ds, as you can see! The one on the left looks larger than some detached buildings!
Gerald Mugliston Estate gerald cres
Mock Tudor isn’t for everyone, but I do like the style of these houses! It’s also nice how harmonious they look. It can be a bit of an eyesore when every house in a street is trying out a different look.
Gerald Mugliston Estate terrace 1
You can see that most streets with terrace houses in Gerald Mugliston have quite a coherent look, although that usually changes as more people rebuild. (Perhaps not such an issue going forward, given how high construction costs are today!)
Gerald Mugliston Estate townhouse
Coherent but varied, as each stretch is in a totally different style! 
Gerald Mugliston Estate jalan kechubong
Jalan Kechubong is another street that you can look at if your budget runs more towards terrace houses. (I take that back. At the time of writing there were 2 units here on the market, 1 for $7.9 million and the other for $8.6 million! 
Gerald Mugliston Estate birds
Closer to the main road (Yio Chu Kang Road), there are a couple of properties that appear to be in the original style, and they have lots of character. I love the birdcages in this one!
Gerald Mugliston Estate gates
And this one even has calligraphy framed at the entrance!
Gerald Mugliston Estate road 3
The blue house on the right is the one with the calligraphy! (Yio Chu Kang Road is behind me, the estate is in front of me.)

Here’s what Gerald Drive looks like, at the start of the intersection with Yio Chu Kang Road. (If you were wondering, there are 2 entry and exit points for cars at Gerald Mugliston.)

gerald drive

I was standing with the houses of Gerald Drive behind me, at the main entrance into the estate. And looking onto the HDB blocks which, as you can see, are behind a plot of empty land. 

I decided to head out to the main road and walk down it to see what it was like. Despite not being very busy when I visited (8 am on a Sunday morning), Yio Chu Kang Road was distinctively noisy and I wonder if the sound of the traffic can be heard from inside the houses closest to the road. 

gerald path
Barely any cars as you can see, but I can still hear the roar of traffic. Note that the roads here are generous. There are TWO pavements on the same side of the road! Convenient as I ran into a couple of cyclists, and the alternate footpath gave me somewhere to scramble off to.
gerald main road
Note also that the houses on the other side of Yio Chu Kang Road are actually on higher ground than the ones at this part of Gerald Mugliston. (In case you were wondering, there’s a bus stop near the estate. You can see one in the background of the photo here!)
gerald parking
There are a couple of exit points for pedestrians onto Yio Chu Kang Road (so they don’t have to walk all the way to the 2 main intersections to get out) and I’m standing at one, taking a photo of Gerald Mugliston (so Yio Chu Kang Road is behind me.) Can you see how the houses on this stretch are below (Yio Chu Kang) street level?  (Some have back gates onto Yio Chu Kang road FYI).
gerald landed main road
Closer to the Park Connector, there’s a Church across the road and a Shell station. There was also a banner with a Red dengue alert, indicating that 20 or more cases had been detected here. However, in 2022, I’d be more surprised if the estate did NOT have a dengue alert than if it did have one! (i.e. the alert doesn’t seem out of the ordinary given how bad the dengue situation is at the moment.)

Note: Although I encountered no wildlife walking around, based on this news report, it seems like otters may be an issue here (at least they are one if you intend to keep fish!), probably because of the proximity to Sungei Punggol.


We’ve now come to the end of our tour but, before I go, I should briefly speak about the amenities! As mentioned in the introduction, something nice about Gerald Mugliston is how it’s so quiet and spacious yet has several malls within walking distance:

  • The Seletar Mall is anything from 10-20 minutes walk away, depending on which part of the estate you live at. There’s a doctor’s clinic, a Fair Price Finest, a Din Tai Fung, Song Fa Bak Kut Teh, an enrichment centre, etc… So basically everything you need that’s not too far away! (It’s not so close that I could see it from the entrance of the estate but an easy walk when it’s not hot out.)
  • The other mall, Greenwich V, is smaller but no slouch too. It’s a Far East Mall with CS Fresh, Coffee Bean, a wine shop, LiHo, Cedele, etc- 7-16 minutes away, depending on which part of Gerald Mugliston you’re starting your walk at!

Oh and there’s also Buangkok Square Mall, part of the public housing development there. You don’t get the big fancy chains that you see at Seletar Mall or Greenwich V, but you get lots of practical stores such as Koufu Foodcourt, Selfix DIY, and Mr Snippers Classic Barber Shop.

Unfortunately, when it comes to public transportation, Gerald Mugliston isn’t the most well-connected. As mentioned, it’s got bus stops on Yio Chu Kang Road but no MRT close enough that it’d be your top choice for getting around. 

Based on Google, I believe the closest should be Hougang MRT at over 20 minutes walk. Assuming you live at the end of the estate that’s closest to Hougang MRT of course!) From the other end, it takes about 30 minutes. (It might make more sense to have a car to take the LRT. Layar LRT is about 10-16 minutes away.)

Now that we’ve finished our walkabout of Gerald Mugliston, what did you think of it? In my opinion, it’s definitely a nice place to live now that Seletar has more amenities, assuming you can find a property you can afford! Join me again next week, as we go somewhere new. Feel free to keep the estate requests coming! 

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